Kanchanaburi is located where the Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai rivers converge into the Mae Klong river which spans the northern banks of the river. For tourists who are planning to discover this city, the main sight of interest is the bridge over the Kwai river, as the start of the infamous World War 2 Death Railway to Burma as well as the many associated museums. Kanchanaburi is a gateway to the surrounding province of the same name, so a lot of tourists visiting this city know why Thai people call it as one of the most beautiful provinces in the country with the gorgeous waterfalls and pristine national parks.

Taking a journey to Kanchanaburi is very easy. The main road named Saeng Chuto Road runs through the heart of the city connecting the Kwai river bridge with the bus station in the center of this city. 

There are many sites in Kanchanaburi to visit and explore such as the bridge over the Kwai river, which is located 3 kilometers from the north of this city and the main attraction of the city where a lot of well-known movies are set and film on this bridge; Chongkai war cemetery which is 2 kilometers out of the city along the road leading to Wat Thaopoom; Kanchanaburi war cemetery-the resting place of over 7000 people who lay down for the construction of the Death Railway to Burma; Thailand-Burma Railway Center-the museum is considered the best source of information about the World War 2 in Thailand.